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The vert essence of every festival is to bring people together and share their love for each other through exchanges of gesture and things we all love. Eid Ul Fitr, being the biggest of all celebrations for Islamic community is being celebrated and it marks the end of holy month of Ramzan or month of compassion, love and practicing restraint. On this pious day, people visit mosques or gather in open spaces to take part in communal prayers; they also do charity, organise a feast and visit each other’s place to greet and celebrate this festival. However, all this has come to halt as the current pandemic situation prohibits people from gathering in one place. This is a safety measure to break the infection spread chain of infection. However, there are lot of ways people are finding out to celebrate this festival amidst of lockdown.

Governments across the world and Islamic leaders have urged the Muslim community to offer prayers from home and not congregate in large numbers. Furthermore, Darul Uloom Deoband, India’s leading Islamic seminary, issued a fatwa urging Muslims to offer Eid prayers at home instead of congregating at mosques. Despite the lockdown, one can celebrate the festival keeping in mind the guidelines issued by the governments.

Here are five ways you can enjoy Eid-ul-Fitr 2020 while following COVID-19 lockdown rules:

  • Dress your best: You must have purchased your Eid dress or have one in your closet which would be almost new and ready to wear. Even though it is lockdown, dress up and motivate your family to do the same. What would be better than a close knit celebration with just the members of your house? Times are tough and being positive and happy is the only way out. Dressing up for the occasion can light your mood up. Reverberate with hashtag #OOTD- Outfit Of The Day and Share over social media.
  • Practice a Virtual get together: With most of us staying indoors, you can connect with your friends and family this Eid via video conferencing. Exchange greetings and wish them and assure them of having a grand celebration once the situation normalises. Try practicing social distancing norms during any visits to your relatives.
  • Virtual Iftaar feast: Since food is one of the most important part of the celebration, plan ahead and whip up a traditional feast. Connect with your relatives on video call and relish the feast together. Eat healthy foods this year which can also boost your inherent immune system to help you stay tough and healthy during this pandemic.

  • Maintain social distancing: There are some areas where people have been allowed to step out. For your safety and well-being, maintain social distancing and wear face masks when you step out. Also, regularly wash your hands and keep them sanitised. Even if you are visiting your uncle next door, urge everyone to practice these.
  • Exchange gifts online: Governments in most part of the world and even in India have allowed e-commerce portals to deliver non-essential goods. If you are worried that you might not get to gift anything to your loved ones this Eid, don’t fret. Instead order a gift online and it will be delivered to them. This is perhaps the best way to offer love to your community people during this lockdown.

Even after your best attempts to keep yourself away from people, if anyone pays you a visit, you should at least try to maintain social distancing while welcoming the guest. Avoid hugging or shaking hands, wear a mask and keep a distance of at least one meter while interacting. And don’t forget to sanitise. Have a safe Eid! Team  Wishes you all “EID MUBARAK”.

Sharing is caring!