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Construction is a vast industry that is made up of many types  of building and civil engineering jobs. The construction  industry includes jobs in carpentry, road construction, bridge  development, and home design. This industry is one of the  largest in the world because it is responsible for creating the  infrastructure for cities, towns, and countries. 

There are three major parts to the construction industry.  These are general contractors, specialty trade construction,  and civil engineering construction. Each area has a specific  function within the overall industry. 

General contractors build buildings and roads for residential  and commercial construction projects. These companies  manage multiple sub-constructors on each project. A general  contractor is responsible for the organization and oversight  of plumbers, painters, and electricians working on building  sites.

The construction industry also includes many specialty trade  groups. These include brick layers, floor installers, and  carpenters, to name a few. Most specialty trade groups work  under the direction and guidance of the general contractor. 

Civil engineering construction is another area of the industry.  This area specializes in building roads, bridges, tunnels, and  other infrastructure. Civil engineers make sure that the  technical details on plans will work and quantity surveyors  price up how much the design would cost. 

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