Here’s how to be Independent. 

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A baby bird turns into an adult, when it flies out of its nest on  its own free will. Similarly, humans can get the first feeling of  being an adult when they leave their family home and go into  the world to fend for themselves. 

So what’s the first thing you need when you leave your family  home? Yes that’s right, a new living space/accommodation. And with the help of, specifically their tailored  Accommodation category, it’s easy as pie to find your next  home.

Clicking on the Accommodation Category widget takes you to  all the currently available spaces in From there you  can filter out accommodations close to your locality, to a place  you desire to move, and maybe even a living space in your  dream city. 

Accommodations are not specifically catered to only fresh  teens, but to people of all spectrums, family, bachelors, etc. So  go on, find your new place, which could be your first home,  where you get married, be your newborn’s first home, and be  sure to check it out using

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