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The Crown Jewels of the monarchy of the United Kingdom of  Great Britain and Northern Ireland are today kept in the  Tower of London and date mostly to the 17th century CE,  with a few later sparkling additions such as the Koh-i-Noor  and Cullinan diamonds. The regalia does, though, include  several medieval articles and many of the gemstones have a  much older (and often darker) history than the crowns and  scepters in which they today find themselves.  

Kings have given themselves crowns ever since antiquity, but  in England, it was really William the Conqueror in 1066 CE  who began the trend for lavish display, especially during the  coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey, a tradition  followed by almost all monarchs ever since. The Crown  Jewels includes some unusual items besides the traditional  crowns, scepters, and orbs, such as spoons, swords, spurs,  and salt cellars. The Crown Jewels are on permanent public  display, but they do make occasional appearances in grander settings such as the State Opening of Parliament and state  banquets.

Ever since ‘Colonel’ Blood infamously attempted to steal the  Crown Jewels in 1671 CE when they were stored in the Lower  Martin Tower of the Tower of London, attempts have been  made to improve their security. Visitors today can admire the  treasures in the Jewel House inside the Waterloo Barracks  and stand on a moving walkway which, somewhat  tantalizingly, transports them gently past the glittering glass  display cases.  

For a more select audience, many of the pieces of the Crown  Jewels can be seen in action at state events. Queen Elizabeth  II continues to wear many of the jewels personally or to  permit other members of the royal family to do so at such  events as state banquets to receive visiting heads of state. 

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