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The patented dance styles, high pitch notes, the diamond  glove and most popular of all, the ever-lasting moonwalk,  Michael Jackson was a pioneer of Pop Music, but more than  that he was a pioneer of the arts during his 5 decades of  singing and life in general. 

Born Michael Joseph Jackson, on 29th August, 1958 to Joseph  “Joe” Walter and Katherine Esther, he was the seventh of  nine children in a working-class family based in Gary, Indiana.  His penchant for singing was evident when he performed at  the age of 5 during a Christmas competition. He soon became  the lead singer in his band, the “Jackson 5”. In 1964, he and  Marlon joined the “Jackson Brothers”- a band formed by  brothers Jackie, Tito & Jermaine- as backup musicians playing  congas and tambourine. Michael soon came out with a solo  video, and the whole world changed for him, but he never  stopped performing with his brothers.

In the early 1980s, he became a dominant figure in popular music and the first African-American entertainer to amass a  strong following on MTV. At the height of his career, he was  indisputably the biggest star in the world and had sold more  than 750 million albums.  

The King of Pop was known for sporting different looks.  Initially, Michael denied going under the knife, and later put  the blame on a medical condition that causes ‘people of  colour’ to develop light patches of skin. After several  surgeries, he had a thinner nose and lighter skin.  

He broke down racial barriers, transformed the art of music  videos and paved way for modern pop music.  Now if you are inspired by the King of Pop, or any other  famous artists and wish to learn the art of singing beautifully,  you can also learn it. By using some of the help provided by the Music category of, you too can try and  achieve your dream of being, one day, a Billboard top 50  artist and a Grammy winning performer.

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