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What is a banquet? As per Merriam-Webster, a banquet is an elaborate and often ceremonious meal for numerous people often in honor of a person/ a meal held in recognition of some occasion or achievement. 

Basically, Banquet is a place which can be used for having food & beverages with a prearranged number of people on a  prefixed date & time with an agreed menu & price.

There are various types of banquet services, such as: 

Buffet: This is a very common banquet service in events with a  large number of attendees. There is a buffet line of food choices, which the guests pass through and serve themselves. It is a convenient way of choosing what an individual wants to choose. 

Reception: This is a gathering where people mill around the  room while eating and chatting.

Food Stations: These comprise of various cuisines, courses and offerings to guests. Many times, these stations are manned  by the chefs who cooks or prepares food in front of the guests.  The most common food stations include pasta bars, sushi  stations, desserts, etc. 

Cafeteria-Style: This is very similar to the buffet-style banquet service, with a difference that servers themselves  serve the food. The practice is used to control the portion sizes. 

Plated: In this service, the guests are seated, and servers bring  food already portioned into the plates from the kitchen. This is  believed to be one of the most efficient types of banquet  service. The plated style is commonly seen at formal events,  seminars, conferences, and formal dinners. 

Pre-Set Service: If the food is already showing up on the  table, at the time of your arrival, it is known as a pre-set  arrangement. This is applicable mostly with the bread, desserts,  salads, and beverages. 

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