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A laboratory is a place that is equipped with the necessary means to carry out experiments, research, or work of a  scientific or technical nature. In these spaces, the environmental conditions are controlled and normalized to avoid the occurrence of foreign influences to those foreseen,  with the consequent alteration of the measurements, and to allow the tests to be repeatable. 

Among the conditions that a laboratory tries to control and  normalize, are atmospheric pressure (to prevent the entry or  exit of contaminated air), humidity (it is to reduce it to a  minimum to avoid the oxidation of the instruments), and the  level of vibrations (to prevent measurements from being  altered)

Here are some of the benefits of a laboratory: 

Control: Conducting distribution testing in a laboratory  environment provides the ability to control the test intensity level.  This means that testing can be undertaken at a range of intensity  levels – representing the range of real-life shipment and handling  severities, providing performance trends and data on performance  for different supply chain conditions. If testing is only conducted  using real life ‘live’ shipments, the true hazard levels are not known  for any given shipment, making the testing subjective. 

Cost savings: Laboratory testing is usually more cost effective than  real life shipment because of the hidden costs which can occur  during real life trials. Over the years, we’ve had numerous  conversations with clients who confirm that with all of the hidden  costs of real life trials included, laboratory testing is normally the  more cost effective option. 

Accelerating time to market: A laboratory environment allows  rapid simulation of extended timeframe routes/journeys, and can  carry out a custom testing schedule based on a client’s need and the  intended product journey. Laboratory testing shortens the validation  process compared with a real life shipment trial, and should the test  need amendments it can easily be restarted.

With the help of you can now find a lab that is  near you, that can be used for your own personal reasons, or  can be leased to other institutions or you can hire it for the use of your institution.

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